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D A T - Digital Audio Tape                        D7/D8 DAT recorder  

Back in 1996 I got myself a portable DAT machine, a Sony TCD-D8. It is a great piece of hardware, enabling me to take CD quality recordings of our choir, the "Heinrich Schütz Kantorei" in Freiburg, Germany, or of small singing groups I took part in. I used  it for sound recording for radio play as well as for recordings of public talks or concerts of friends.

In order to know the limits of the equipment I own, I have the custom to read and experiment with the new stuff as much as time permits. Back in my DAT exploring times I did not think of building my own web site. Instead, I posted my discoveries to the DAT Heads, a mailing list of great expertise. From there, Victor Yiu collected the most important postings and built a great Sony TCD-D8 resource guide  (extended to other machines later).

I don't see any sense in publishing theses informations again on my site. Here is a link list to my contributions on Victors pages instead:
Analog Input Sensitivity
the Light and Buzzing
D7/8 Power Consumption Table & Battery Gauge Info
dB-scaled Record Level knob description
dB-scaled Record Level knob download the printer files for pasteup!
Quickie D7/D8 Key Guide  all the obscure ones for quick reference
Optical D8 Remote Control Package programs and directions
Access to hidden functions like edit and renumbering of start IDs via the Infrared link.

Heiko Purnhage, a German DAT-Head from Braunschweig,  had a great share in the development of the Optical D8 Remote Control Package. His site contains valuable technical information on S/P-DIF digital I/O, SIRC (Serial infrared remote control), SCMS (Serial Copy Management System) and others.

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